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Brainstorm Unique LinkedIn Posts. Smart, Fun & Free.

Struggling to stand out on LinkedIn? Team up with our AI assistant. Discover your subtopics, create and fine-tune unique post ideas.

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How You'll Do It

Brainstorm Topics & Post Ideas. With a Dash of AI or Not.

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1/ Introduce Yourself.

Give us a snapshot of your world. Who's your audience? What's your expertise? A bit of background goes a long way.

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2/ Dive Into Subtopics.

Before we jump into full-fledged post ideas, let's take a step back. Let's explore unique subtopics based on what your audience craves, mixed with your special sauce - your expertise. Our AI? Just consider it as your brainstorm buddy, throwing out fresh angles you may never have considered.

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3/ Spark Up Post Ideas.

Armed with a basketful of creative subtopics, we're set to churn out original, authentic post ideas. The more the merrier!

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4/ Sprinkle Your Magic.

Time to refine. Think of the AI's suggestions as raw materials. Now, you have the opportunity to add your touch, maybe even fuse two LinkedIn post ideas to create a killer combo. The possibilities are endless.

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5/ Pick Your Winners.

Not all ideas are created equal. Select your favourites, park the others. Don't worry - they're not going anywhere. You can revisit them whenever you want.

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6/ Polish With Hooks and CTAs.

Got your shortlist? Fantastic! Now, let's push it up a notch. With a little help from our AI, brainstorm irresistible hooks and compelling CTAs. This sets the stage, now you're ready to start writing.

It's Time to Spark Ideas!

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Why You'll Love It

The Genius Approach to Brainstorming Post Ideas

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AI, but on your terms.

The AI doesn't dictate, it collaborates. You're in the driver's seat: choose when and how to use AI. Let it be your muse, not your boss.

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When more is actually more.

Crafting a standout plan means generating more ideas than you'll ever use. Daunting, right? Not with Sparkitup. Our AI assistant is ready with three unique techniques to help you keep the ideas flowing.

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Masterpieces take time.

Great posts don't just pop up - they grow. Nurture your promising ideas into truly distinctive posts.

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No time for mediocre.

With a click, focus on the posts that shine. Our tool helps you pinpoint and polish your most potent ideas.

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Ideas that grow with you.

Your top-notch post ideas won't fall by the wayside. Organize and cultivate your ideas, keeping them ever-ready for exploration.

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You own your data.

When you need your content, it's there. Export anytime in CSV, Word or Excel.

Questions You Might Have

Everything You've Ever Wondered About Us

What is Sparkitup? What is an AI Board?

Sparkitup is an ongoing project created by Alex and Paul. The same micro team behind Stormz a powerful workshop facilitation platform.

The objective is to build a collection of AI-Augmented Boards that will help solopreneurs and solo founders grow their business.

The Linkedin Post Idea Generator is our first AI Board, it is free and is focused on generating Linkedin post ideas.

Depending on your early feedback, you can expect more AI Boards and/or more features for the Linkedin Post Idea Generator.

What is a LinkedIn Post Idea Generator? How does it work?

Sparkitup teams you up with an AI assistant to help brainstorm content topics and LinkedIn post ideas. Just provide some background about your audience and expertise, and you're all set.

The AI can help you explore subtopics, generate creative post ideas, and even brainstorm hooks and CTAs.

All your post ideas are collected on a board so that you can explore the ideas and select the most promising.

I'm a solopreneur/small business owner. Is this AI Board right for me?

Yes, definitely! This Linkedin Post Idea Generator is designed for anyone looking to generate fresh and unique ideas for LinkedIn posts. Whether you're a solopreneur, a small business owner, or a content creator, it can help spark your creativity.

What technology powers the AI in Sparkitup? Is my data safe?

We are using OpenAI's APIs. In a nutshell, OpenAI will not use data submitted via their API to train or improve their models and any data sent through the API will be retained for abuse and misuse monitoring purposes for a maximum of 30 days, after which it will be deleted (unless otherwise required by law).

In any case, please read their TOS before using AI features.

What is the pricing structure for using this AI Board?

The LinkedIn Post Idea Generator can be used free of charge and we stand by our promise to keep it free indefinitely. However, we will be introducing a premium tier in the near future with enhanced capabilities and added benefits.

As we continue to improve, here's a sneak peek into some of the premium features we're considering:

  • Access to the more advanced GPT-4 technology as opposed to the current GPT-3.5
  • Customized GPT prompts for topics and post suggestions

Additionally, Paul and I will be rolling out various other AI Boards to help solopreneurs with positionning, growth, etc. While the majority will remain free, a select few might be part of our premium offering.

Do I need to provide my credit card details? Do I need to sign-up?

Nope! No credit card needed and no sign-up is required. We want to make it super easy for solopreneurs to test the different AI Boards.

Though, to avoid abuse we do limit the amount of AI content generated as an anonymous guest. You will need to sign up to generate more content and to be able save and export the output of your session.

Does the AI write my LinkedIn posts for me?

No, the AI does not write your posts. It's here to inspire you with fresh ideas and perspectives. You maintain control over your content; our AI is simply a tool to spark your creativity.

If you are like me (Alex) and you hate writing, I have created a LinkedIn Writing Playbook targeted at non-writers. It will help you craft great Linkedin posts and have fun along the way.

Can I use Sparkitup without the AI?

Absolutely! While our AI assistant can provide valuable input, you can choose to use Sparkitup without it. It's all about enhancing your creativity, not replacing it.

How do I export my data from Sparkitup?

Sorry, not right now. Soon, you will be able export your content in CSV, Word, or Excel formats.

Wait, I have more questions!

I am here for you! If you have any questions or need help along the way, feel free to reach out to me (Alex) on LinkedIn. It will be my pleasure to help you.